BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A fitness model from Baltimore County was killed in a tragic accident on train tracks in California over the weekend.

Mary Bubala reports 37-year-old Greg Plitt was making a workout video on Saturday when something went wrong.

Plitt appeared on hundreds of fitness magazine covers and he starred in motivation videos and reality TV shows. He grew up in Lutherville and graduated from Gilman, where he was a wrestling star—but on Saturday afternoon, Plitt was hit and killed by a Metrolink passenger train in Burbank, California.

Witnesses say Plitt was filming a fitness video.

“The train went by, stumbled over the tracks. He had a camcorder in his hand,” said witness Victor Crowell. “Then that was it, the train stopped.”

Before impact, the train’s horn was blaring but authorities believe the fitness model may have thought the train was on a parallel track.

“The train speed was not terribly high ’cause it was approaching a station where they had to slow down,” said Burbank Police Sergeant Scott Meadows. “Based on the horn and the distance, it sounds like he had some warning and there would’ve been opportunity to move.”

A video on Youtube shows Plitt had taped exercise videos on train tracks before. It’s an eerie image of a young man admired by so many.

“Just shock. It’s a tremendous loss. He empowered so many people to embrace a healthy lifestyle. He’s just gonna be so missed. I got hundreds and hundreds of messages when I woke up this morning. I’m just in shock about it,” said Plitt’s friend Jackie Warner.

After graduating Gilman, Plitt went to West Point and then served five years as an Army Ranger. In his final year of service, he was discovered as a potential model.

“He believed that everyone can be their greatest self, everyone can achieve their fullest potential and that there are no excuses,” said fan Carlton Totten.

Authorities say Plitt and two others were filming in a restricted area on the train tracks. The investigation is ongoing.


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