In my opinion everybody is missing the point in the Deflate Gate. It has been discovered that the Patriots under inflated 11 of the 12 balls in the AFC Championship. I’ve heard people say, “So what? They outscored them 28-0 in the second half and ran all over them.”

You guys are missing the point!!!

I’ve also heard people say, “Maybe the lost air throughout the game because of how cold it was.” So I’m assuming it was much colder on the Patriots sideline because the Colts’ balls never deflated.

The reason I think it’s so ridiculous that people are defending them is because this isn’t the first time the Patriots have been caught trying to gain an [illegal] edge. We all know about Spygate. If you think this is the first game that they have tried this nonsense, then you are totally naive. How many games have they tried to gain an advantage in in the regular season or even the postseason? Deflated balls are easier to grip and to catch. Brady said in an interview back in 2011 that he preferred deflated balls. How many drives have been extended or games have been altered because of this? We don’t know.

I know some will say I’m being over dramatic but in a league where a half of a game or even a single play can mean going on the road or not even making the playoffs, it becomes a huge deal.


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