BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The state’s two largest casinos say they have a plan to make more money: switch out some slots for table games.

But Gigi Barnett reports, the move could reduce some of the state’s cut in the profits.

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Fewer slots and more table games. Two of the state’s largest casinos–Maryland Live and Horseshoe Casino Baltimore–say it’s a plan that will flush more cash into their coffers.

So this week, they’re taking the proposal to Maryland’s gaming commission.

“In this business, you change or you die,” said Robert Norton, Maryland Live’s general manager.

And dying is not an option–winning is. Maryland Live and Horseshoe both want to get rid of 300 slots each to make room for table games, which are much more popular than slots.

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“On our busiest night, which is New Year’s Eve, at any given time on the casino floor, there were 1,200 slots machines not being played,” said Norton. “Where at the same time, if you were on the casino floor looking for table game open seats, you would have had a hard time finding one.”

But the casinos may get some pushback from the state, which could cut loose a cut of the profits from slots to the tune of nearly $500,000. Much of that money goes to the state’s education trust fund.

But are players game?

“If you gave me a choice, which could you have, it would absolutely be table games,” said Steve Blomberg.

“More table games,” said Sean Curtis. “Because there’s less table games here than casinos around the area.”

The casinos say another benefit to their plan is that more table games means more jobs; it would add at least 100 more for Maryland Live.

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The Lottery and Gaming Control Commission is set to consider the casinos’ request later this week.