BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore’s Duff Goldman has found international fame with his amazing desserts.

Now he’s baking up two new reality shows on Food Network.

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Linh Bui spoke to Goldman about his new projects at his Remington shop.

Duff: “The kids baking championship is really cool. All these kids come in. Ages 9 to 13 I think? And they bake and they bake amazing. It was really tough though because it’s easy to send an adult home. You’re just like eh get out of here you’re done. But sending a little kid home? It’s tough.”


Linh: “It’s refreshing because I bet there’s less back stabbing. They’re there to have fun!”

Duff: “It’s amazing you said that. And you gotta watch this show. Because there are some moments where these kids really work together. And it’s so touching. There was one day — and I can’t tell you what it was — but something happened. And there wasn’t a dry eye in the studio. Because all the adults were like kids are incredible! Like it was so cool.”

Linh: These kids are super young but super talented! How impressed were you?”

Duff: “These kids are really young. And it’s incredible to me what they were able to make. And it’s very evident that these kids were paying attention to what’s on t-v. What’s on magazines. They’re paying attention to what’s in books. These kids are good bakers. They got serious chops. They can move. They know what they’re doing. They were doing stuff that when i was in culinary school, I couldn’t do.”

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Linh: “So not just one but *two* shows premiering on the food network. What’s that like? Tell us about the other one!”

Duff: “The other show that’s premiering is duff til dawn. This one’s a really fun show. It’s filmed in my bakery in Los Angeles. At the end of the day when everybody leaves, we clean up. We shut the front door. We open the back doors. And we let in two teams. And they compete in my bakery. They can use anything they can find. And they make a cake and they have until the sun comes up.”


Linh: “You’ve expanded to the west coast!”

Duff: “I got Charm City Cakes West right in LA. So a little piece of Baltimore right there on Melrose Avenue. Which funnily enough is a block away from Michael Voltaggio’s place. So Michael and I throw a huge crab feast every year that raises money for the LA mission. And it’s a Baltimore-style crabfeast. So Benji and Joel Madden show up. Ben Feldman from Mad Men he comes. So it’s like all the Marylanders that live in LA they all come. I mean it’s a huge crab feast. Brian Voltaggio will come out. It’s just like a big Maryland… Everyone’s in their Ravens gear. It’s really fun.”


Linh: “You’re just growing every single year. You had a reality show and it’s just exploded.”

Duff: “It’s really amazing. Every day I wake up and am like is this really my life? Wait am I awake now? I’m like a linecook who won the lottery. Everyone does what they do. And the culinary industry can be really challenging. It’s a tough field. And to have this much success and to get this far, to have these kinds of opportunities. Expand to the west coast. I’m working on my second book now. To be on television. To be considered an authority on the drivel that comes out of my mouth. I can’t believe it. I’m like people listen to me? I keep waiting for someone to be like the jig is up! That’s it!”

Linh: “It was all a big joke!”

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Duff: “Yeah. I’m just like. Wait. People take me seriously?”
“Duff Till Dawn” will premiere on Thursday, Jan. 29. “Kids Baking Championship” will premiere on Monday, Feb. 2 — both on the Food Network.

Linh Bui