BALTIMORE, Md. (WJZ)—You could call it a Throw Back Thursday–five years ago a major snowstorm dumped several feet of snow in Maryland.

Jessica Kartalija has all the details.

A memory still fresh in all of our minds, the “snowmageddon” of 2010, that paralyzed much of the state and had Marylanders buried in a “snowpocalypse”.

It had already been a winter of extremes, with an unprecedented and record-breaking snowfall in December that dumped between 18 and 21 inches of snow across the region.

Chances are–this was you at some point, trying to dig out of some 30-inches of snow.

Neighbors in Canton commiserated with covered cars, streets and sidewalks.

“I think Elkridge was hit extremely, extremely hard,” said one woman.

Emergency centers were staffed around the clock.

“Snowmageddon” struck Feb. 5-6 and the “Blizzard of 2010” followed on Feb. 9-10, dumping record snowfall, and remember trying to drive?

Remember trying to drive…

“It’s impossible, you can’t go through there.”

Ugh, who could forget…

“The next car that I am going to buy should be an all-wheel drive.”

Or maybe a Humvee– the National Guard sent 100  o help Marylanders stuck in the biggest snowstorm in state history.

“Almost there, keep going, straighten out your tire.”

Hundreds of thousands lost power and in many areas,  special construction equipment had to be brought in to remove the snow.

“One of the challenges with these record breaking snowfalls…where do you put all the snow?”

Maryland declared a state of emergency, roads, schools and the government closed and all  major transportation systems and the airport stopped travel.