By Pat Warren

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — Maryland lawmakers will be wrestling not only with spending proposals from the new governor, but also tax cuts.

Political reporter Pat Warren has more on which taxes he wants to cut.

One of the first to go in the Hogan tax cuts would be one that raised a storm of controversy.

The storm water fee–a fee mandated by state law printed right there on the bill and dubbed the “rain tax.”

It forced certain counties to raise taxes, and in Hogan’s view, not the best way to address the making of a healthier Chesapeake Bay.

“This week our administration will submit legislation to repeal the rain tax,” the governor said.

Governor Hogan also proposes repealing automatic gas tax increases. He wants to repeal taxes on pensions of police, fire and military retirees and he proposes to cut small business personal property taxes, eliminating the tax for half of Maryland businesses.

“The people of Maryland simply cannot afford for us to continue on the same path of more spending, more borrowing, more taxes and politics as usual,” Gov. Hogan said.

“What he made was promise upon promise upon promise that he can’t keep,” said Senate President Mike Miller.

The Democratic leadership raises questions about some, most, or all of the proposals, wondering how a state with a deficit can afford tax cuts.

Assistant professor of finance at Loyola University says there’s some tough work ahead.

“Budgets reflect values and as states and households and communities, we spend money on what’s important,” said Prof. Mark Johnson, Loyola University.

In the days ahead, it will be important to find a balance.

Yes, they’re off to a rocky start, but both sides are saying that they will be able to reach a compromise.

The legislature will deal with the governor’s bills as they receive them. The budget has to be passed by April 6.


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