Hi Everyone,


Tough it out one more day and life will be good! Actually to be honest today will be nowhere near as harsh as yesterday. The huge wind machine is done. Don’t get me wrong there will still be a breeze around today, and that will knock our forecast high of 37 down into the mid 20’s but that sure beats the 12 degree wind chill of yesterday.

Now comes the BIG NEWS. Looks like me miss another big Winter event. (Let’s be real careful about this discussion. What you are about to read is “as of this writing.” If the Earth wants to change it’s mind well then so  be it. The planet, itself, is ALWAYS the variable. having said that let’s move on.)

All the guidance, ie models, are lining up with a warm solution for the Mid Atlantic and just rain Sun-Mon. The models, GFS, NAM, The European, are taking the Low, the storm almost 200 miles North of us.  Keep yer fingers crossed Ya’ll. Keep um crossed. The forecast temps are Sat-48, Sun-53, Mon-53. Even behind that temps only fall to normal, the low-mid 40’s.

Don’t let your guard down just yet, but you can begin to relax a bit…as of this writing.

TGIF is right!



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