Harold Reynolds is a former professional baseball player who played for the Orioles and is now an analyst for the MLB Network.

Harold joined Ed and Steve to talk about the Orioles off-season and the upcoming season for the entire AL East division.

Harold started off by talking about the Orioles quiet off-season and his take on it saying “they didn’t do a whole lot but on the other side of it you have the Dan Duquette stuff which is going on…then you look at they knew the medicals on Markakis and they weren’t comfortable with them.” Harold also referenced the guys coming back from injury being Machado, Wieters, and Davis and how that is like adding 3 all-star players to the roster. As for what he thinks of the AL East this off-season Harold said “it’s going to be maybe the most intriguing division in baseball…the Yankees made all their moves last year…the Red Sox I love what they did with Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval…I’m not big on Tampa I have them in the bottom.”