Mike Bordick of MASN joined the Scott Garceau Show with Jeremy Conn to take a look at the Orioles heading into Spring Training. Mike has two positions with the Orioles, one in the broadcast booth and one on the field. Scott asked the former Oriole Shortstop to describe his position with the team. “I have a great thing going right now. Buck lets me get on the field and help work with guys. I guess I act like a 7th coach down there even though they have more than 7 coaches in Spring Training. I throw some BP, help Bobby Dickerson out with the infielders and all of their early work. It feels good to get involved and kind of get dirty with the guys and put the work in to prepare them for the season.”

Mike was the O’s Shortstop from 1997-2000 and again from 2001-2002. He discussed how players use Spring Training to prepare for the regular season. “Well I think most guys are just trying to get their body used to playing baseball again every day. They use Spring Training to establish their routines that they are going to carry out through the season. If they had to make some adjustments and things that needed to work on during the off-season, they’ll touch on those again with the coaches and it’s basically a check list of things you need to accomplish in Spring Training.”