BOWIE, Md. (WJZ) — They may not be jackpot winners, but they’re still winners all the same. Two lucky ticket holders in Maryland are $1 million richer.

Gigi Barnett visited the store where one of the winning tickets was sold.

There’s a whole lot of lottery ticket checking at the Giant store in Bowie. At stake is a $1 million second-tier prize–one of two tickets sold in Maryland.

A lucky winner bought that ticket from the Prince George’s County Giant and just needs to come forward to pocket the payout.

“I’ll take the million dollars and be quite happy with that. Yes ma’am,” said Kathy Barnard.

But Barnard isn’t holding the winning ticket. Her husband bought their tickets at a gas station nearby. He had a good reason.

“A lot of people have won at gas stations. So he said, ‘Why not me?’ I said, ‘I wish it was you, too,'” Barnard said.

Lottery officials say one of the three jackpot winning tickets were sold at a convenience store in Texas. The two others are in North Carolina and–for the first time ever–Puerto Rico.

They will split the $561 million jackpot.

But here in Maryland, the scramble is on to check and double check–even if you’ll have to play again.

“I’ll come back. This is fun,” said Shiela Padgett.

“It’s coming. You just have to have patience,” said Edith Bruton Pery.

The second $1 million ticket was sold in Oakland, Garrett County.

Each store in Maryland that sold the second-tier tickets gets a $2,500 payout.

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