Hi everyone!

OK so the cold is here.  And as I have written, this week, there are some positives to this weather if you stretch your mind to the breaking point. But when I walked out of the door this AM I really could not even find a positive. Matter of fact I really didn’t notice the stars until I was warm in the car and driving in..THAT is how cold it was. (I usually stop and stargaze for a couple of minutes every morning btw).

Even colder air is on the way behind a “Clipper” that will give us some light snow tomorrow. Much colder air too. No surprise,  it’s been in the outlook for days now.

Poor New England, poor Bahsssston. They are going to get another foot+ of snow Sat night/Sunday AM. And while we get cold air, NE will get even colder readings. That will teach um to deflate footballs. Karma ya’ll….welcome to the “Truth Show.”

Stay warm, be well,  and most importantly have fun!!




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