BOSTON, Ma. (WJZ)—A large group of Maryland college students are stranded in Boston’s biggest snowstorm after they traveled there for a conference over the weekend.

Tracey Leong explains how they are dealing with the delay.

The winter blast is burying Boston in mountains of snow and trapping 15 McDaniel College students and their professor who flew in for a weekend conference.

“We were hoping we would miss it,” said Debora Johnson-Ross, McDaniel Assoc. Professor.

But they didn’t, instead they were blanketed by the storm–along with hundreds of travelers who came in for the Harvard National Model United Nations Conference.

“People from all over the world, that are still stuck here, students from Canada, Venezuala, Peru, and they are in the same boat as us,” said Bilal Ali, McDaniel student.

Back here on the McDaniel campus, they were hit with their first big snow storm of the season, but students stranded in Boston say it’s nothing compared to what they are seeing.

“It’s much colder than what I experienced in Baltimore,” Johnson-Ross said.

“This snow storm here was a lot worse, than the snowstorm in Baltimore. I am kinda sad I missed the snowstorm because it would be a lot better to be in,” said Ali.

While they’re stuck here these students are making the best of their situation.

“Trying to relax keep it cool, went to the hot tub,” Tim Lasaro said.

Even scoring free meals from generous restaurants.

“We’ve been treated well, and it has been amazing,” Ali said.

And school faculty isn’t too worried.

“I don’t think it’s going to turn out like the Donner Party from what I gather, Boston restaurants are offering free meals. Two to three days of extended stay in Boston is not cruel and unusual punishment.” said Herb Smith, McDaniel Dir. Government Relations.

The students are scheduled to fly out at 8:40 tonight and the students say they’re hoping the weather cooperates.

This is McDaniel Colleges’ 43rd conference at Harvard.


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