The Orioles have made a move on Wednesday afternoon to sure up their infield depth reportedly agreeing to a 1 year contract worth 2.4 million dollars. Cabrera has spent the last six years with the San Diego Padres after being selected out of the Colorado Rockies minor league system in the Rule 5 draft. The 28 year old has spent much of his time playing short stop and stealing bases which Jeremy says he likes a lot. “You look at his year to year, and he’s still very young. He’s had six years in the league and in those six years, some in limited time, he didn’t hit all that well. He’s a career .248 hitter. What people are excited about is 2013 where he was an all-star and batted .283. He stole 37 bases, not much pop but got on base, his OBP was .355 and he’s a lead-off hitter and switch hitter.”

With experience a middle infielder, the signing did raise some questions with Scott and Jeremy. There now appears to be a log-jam around Second-Base and Short-Stop with JJ Hardy, Jonathon Schoop and Ryan Flaherty. Jeremy asks where will Buck fit him in. “Solid defensively, and you can play him anywhere in the infield. The question is where do you put him? You know what do you do with him? But it’s a huge insurance for JJ Hardy who has had some injury problems in the past. If Schoop is not doing what he’s supposed to do then he could wind up at Second-Base. And on top of it he’s batted at the top of the line-up, so now when you’re looking for a lead-off hitter you’ve got one.”

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