BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Keeping warm and looking good. It’s a combination few people have mastered. So, how can you steal that style?

Gigi Barnett has a look at the top winter fashions in Baltimore.

When the cold blocks out the sun, snow covers almost everything and another round of record-breaking weather is coming, bundled up is the only way to go.

But how do you keep your warm style hot?

“I have a lot of scarves and beanies. So, I usually try to get them in different colors,” said Geneva Smith.

“Leggings. You can’t go wrong with leggings,” said Tanya Reinhart.

“I love it. I’m enjoying the sunshine. I haven’t seen the sun in three months,” said Nick Hodson.

That’s because Hodson lives in Buffalo. Baltimore is a chance to dress down.

His winter fashion style tip: accessorize.

“I got some great hats, some scarves. We got some New Era caps, some fresh lids. Doing alright. We’re fashionable cats,” said Hodson.

Speaking of lids, we visited “Hats in the Belfry” at the Inner Harbor, where sales shit up this week, thanks to a deep dip in temperatures.

“What they have wasn’t cutting it, or especially tourists they just would come in and realize they didn’t have a warm enough hat with them,” said Grayson Owen, “Hats in the Belfry” manager.

With so many styles, Gigi couldn’t resist.

Gigi Barnett keeping warm and looking good.

Gigi Barnett keeping warm and looking good.

One more fashion tip: dress in layers in the extreme cold. It provides an indoor and outdoor winter look.


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