BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Thousands across Maryland are dealing with the aftermath of Saturday’s winter blast. The snow storm left several inches on the ground, causing treacherous conditions for drivers.

Derek Valcourt has a look at the current conditions on the roads.

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The biggest problem at the height of the storm–near gridlock from hundreds of abandoned cars on highways and city roads.

Countless frustrated drivers with cars stuck just called it quits–people like Wallace Clayton.

“Three hours and then finally I had to trek it home,” Clayton said.

By morning, the new problem was the coating of freezing rain that made already cleared surfaces a sheet of ice and any untouched snow extremely heavy for the thousands who came out to begin clearing.

“Luckily, the weather has warmed up. The temperature’s pretty warm, so it’s helping, but it’s still a lot of snow to move,” said Mike Makel.

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But the temperature warm-up melted snow so fast in some places, all that water had nowhere to go. That’s part of why state and city officials are now urging residents to clear snow away from the drains.

“So it doesn’t pond on the roadway and then potentially refreeze tonight,” said Charlie Gischlar, Maryland State Highway Administration.

With overnight temperatures expected in the 20s, city transportation officials worry Sunday’s melting could pose serious hazards for the morning.

“Anything that’s melting tonight that’s not been treated heavily with salt is going to refreeze, and that’s a major concern,” William Johnson, Baltimore City Department of Transportation director.

That’s why statewide salt trucks will be busy throughout the night, with 5,700 tons already dumped in the city and more on the way. Many are pleased with the city’s performance.

“They did a pretty good job this time,” one man said.

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Drivers are reminded to clear their cars completely before getting back out on the roads.