By Alex DeMetrick

ROSEDALE, Md. (WJZ) — Commuter disaster. Dozens of people are injured after a Southern California train crashes into a truck, then derails. It’s raising questions about train safety.

A similar collision between a train and truck, although not nearly a serious, in Baltimore County on Monday comes two years after a major crash in Rosedale that caused a monumental explosion.

Alex DeMetrick reports this latest accident follows warnings about the crossing.

Two years ago, a trash truck was hit by a CSX freight train at an unguarded rail crossing in Rosedale.

Chemicals aboard the train exploded as derailed cars burned for hours. No one died, but there were injuries and a lot of shaken neighbors.

“Sucked all the air out. I couldn’t breathe. It knocked me backwards down the hill,” said one man.

“It was very, very loud. shook all the houses,” another said.

It wasn’t nearly so serious on Monday, when a truck and train collided at another crossing in Rosedale not far from the 2013 crash. No one was hurt and debris damage was minimal, but the NTSB responded.

“We warned about this. Here we are again with another train colliding with another vehicle in Rosedale,” an NTSB spokesman said.

It originated with the NTSB’s investigation of the 2013 wreck.

“If we see there are areas that need to be improved, we will issue safety recommendations,” said Robert Sumwalt, NTSB.

Which is exactly what the NTSB did for this crossing and two others in the area. The final report last year called on CSX and property owners to co-operate.

“What we need is clarity so there is no question about who is responsible for clearing the vegetation, who is responsible for the up-climb, the ascent and descent from the tracks. All of the aspects that could contribute to a grade crossing collision,” said Christopher Hart, NTSB.

Aspects apparently still in play at this crossing where trains, trucks and cars continue to roll without barriers, bells or warning lights.

Because of minimal damage and no injuries, the NTSB is not investigating Monday’s crash in Rosedale, but the agency’s prior safety recommendations still stand.


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