Tom Yeager is the commissioner of the Colonial Athletic Association (CAA), he is currently the longest tenured commissioner of a division 1 conference.

Tom joined Ed and Steve to talk about the upcoming CAA Tournament downtown at the Royal Farms Arena March 6th-9th.

Tom started off by talking about the storming of courts and his view on it saying “it’s really difficult, it becomes almost an expectation…we have had problems in the tournament its become a staple and we’ve met with the people of the Royal Farms Arena to find out the best ways to deter it, it just isn’t a smart thing to do students get hurt.” Tom also talked about the CAA tournament coming up at Royal Farms Arena saying “we’ve had a really terrific race down the stretch, we’ve had 4 teams tied for first place…it’s going to be tremendously competitive, March Madness puts a great incentive into the tournament atmosphere.”


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