Brittany Ghiroli is the Orioles beat reporter for

Brittany joined Ed and Steve to talk about spring training so far for the birds and the Nick Markakis comments.

Brittany started off by talking about the Nick Markakis comments on the Orioles being liars saying “it’s such a non issue, Dan Duquette came out 3 or 4 different times on the record saying it was Nick’s neck that kept them from signing him…nobody in the locker room or front office harbors any ill will towards Nick.” As for players who are still Orioles Brittany talked about Ubaldo Jimenez and if he can try to revitalize his career with the O’s. On Everth Carbrera and whether he takes someones job Brittany said “I think they’re still figuring that out, you haven’t seen him against live pitching yet…right now initially they would like for him to be the utility guy, he’s probably an upgrade at that position.”


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