BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A casino could be heading to BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport.

Tracey Leong explains why it’s looking more like a possibility.

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For the first time in six years, a bill to expand the gaming industry to the airport has no opposition. Supporters believe it’s only a matter of time before we see slot machines put in place.

You could soon be getting lucky before you take off from BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport.

“If I had to wait I might,” said Jennifer McBeth.

“I’m just not a gambler. I wouldn’t use them,” said John Wallman.

While gambling may not be for everyone, supporters of the bill to bring gaming to the airport say it would be like a goldmine for the state.

“Have a resource there that can be tapped. It doesn’t affect Maryland residents at all. In fact, it brings money from people that don’t live in Maryland,” said Democratic Delegate Eric Bromwell.

The airport is centered between two other casinos–Maryland Live at Arundel Mills Mall and the Horseshoe Casino near M&T Bank Stadium.

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However, this will be different because it’s not a destination spot. Only travelers with tickets will have access.

The goal is to not have the slot machines out in the open. They would be in an adult-only arcade, so the average traveler wouldn’t even see them.

Delegate Bromwell has been sponsoring the bill since 2009. He says the funds could be used for transportation projects, so they wouldn’t need to raise taxes.

In the past, the FAA was the main opponent.

“You have a governor who now is looking for different ways to raise revenue without raising taxes. So I’m hoping this year would be the year we can get it done,” said Bromwell.

“I think that’s a real good idea,” McBeth said. “Especially if we don’t have to raise taxes in Maryland.”

A future plan some travelers are hoping will take off.

Delegate Bromwell predicts this could bring in an extra $25 million a year to go towards transportation projects.

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The committee could vote on the bill in the next month. We may see slots at the airport as early as 2017.