BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The constant ice and snow continues to cause issues on the roads.

Meghan McCorkell has more as more winter weather bears down.

As freezing rain pounds the pavement, cars spin out on black ice on the 41st Street bridge in North Baltimore. It’s a familiar problem for drivers this winter.

“I’ve had some trouble with the Gwynns Falls going down the hill,” said Emily Rogers.

City crews have used 798 tons of salt to treat the streets. With more snow in the forecast, they’re bracing for another hit.

“This winter has been very cold and we’ve had a lot of ice, which makes a difference. That’s different from accumulation. With that being said, it makes our winters a little more challenging, a little rougher,” said Adrienne Barnes, Baltimore City Department of Transportation.

The rough road conditions keeping body shops across the region busy. Dan Hicks of Baltimore Body Shop says this winter has brought in all kinds of accidents.

“When you have snow like this where it keeps accumulating, it never melts, it melts and refreezes at night, one, it tears up the ground a lot more, and two, there’s a lot more issues with black ice,” said Hicks.

As the ice clears, another issue emerges–potholes are popping up all over the city, wreaking havoc for drivers.

“It can knock your alignment off. I need air in my tires now from hitting so many potholes,” said Darryl Winn.

And as the weather starts to get warmer, city officials predict the pothole problem will only get worse.

City officials say they have already filled 22,000 potholes this year.


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