BALTIMORE (WJZ) — It’s a problem many have been dealing with for several months–school delays, closures and early dismissals.

Marcus Washington has more from parents and students about this never-ending winter.

It’s another day Maryland weather wins the battle against school.

“It’s right on schedule. And it appears to be ice, I think,” said one parent.

Approaching rough weather conditions force many schools to close two hours early.

At Ridgely Middle School in Baltimore County, parents line up to grab their kids.

“Today is a little crazy because he’s on crutches, so he cannot ride the bus right now. So I had to leave work early,” said Karen Peters.

Parents racing the weather to get their kids somewhere safe before road conditions become unbearable.

“I wasn’t prepared to leave early today and luckily my company lets me go out and take care of my kids so I can sign back in, but it’s difficult to fit it all in,” said Ron Campbell.

This winter has been difficult for many parents. Snow, sleet and freezing rain just won’t let up.

The winter weather has definitely taken a toll on school attendance. Take Carroll County, for instance. They’ve canceled school eight days this year because of snow when they only have four days allotted in their school calendar. And in Howard County, they’ve canceled school six days. That’s one more day than they had planned.

Schools in Baltimore City and Anne Arundel County are all getting close to maxing out their weather days. Harford County is one of the few districts in the area that gave more room for weather cancellations.

“If they end up going to school until July, I guess that will change our plans for Ocean City,” said Campbell.

“Our whole family is done. We’re tired of being cold and stuck inside,” said Peters.

If students are forced to make up those days during their spring or Easter break, many parents who spoke with WJZ say they already have plans that week, and that their kids won’t be attending school.

Baltimore County schools count the actual hours students are in school. They’re already cutting into their last snow day.


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