SARASOTA, Fla. (WJZ) — It is finally starting to feel like spring and before you know it, baseball season will be here.

Sports director Mark Viviano says even though the Orioles won’t be back in Baltimore until next month, they are still seeing plenty of support from their fans who made the trip to Florida.

Orange is a popular color again—not just here at spring training but back in Baltimore and the players have taken notice.

O’s fans who flocked to Florida in the spring may fit one definition of fair weather fans, but true O’s fans have weathered a lot of losing through the years and embrace the beauty of new found success.

“We’ve loved baseball in Baltimore forever. I mean we’ve had the Ravens now for a little while but baseball has been around, the Orioles have been around since I was a baby,” said Bonnie Downing. “We’re excited to see the team do well and it means so much for the city.”

“It’s a great baseball town. Ever since I was drafted, you could feel how great of a baseball town Baltimore was,” said Matt Wieters.

“This is our hometown team,” said Rick Ruby. “The magic is back.”

“Our fanbase expects us to be good,” said Adam Jones. “I love that. I love that they hold us to a higher standard.”

To get to September and October, the work begins in February and March. Spring training: where O’s fans are being retrained to expect success from their team.


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