BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Federal investigators are looking into a crash involving a train and tractor trailer in North Carolina. That train makes a scheduled stop at Baltimore’s Penn Station.

Jessica Kartalija has more.

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Like a model train set, several cars spilled off of their tracks in Halifax County, North Carolina. Investigators say a state trooper was escorting an oversized load, which became stuck on the tracks and was struck by the oncoming train.

“Except fro the mercy of God, it could have been me. I could have been on that train,” said one.

More than 60 passengers were treated on the scene for injuries.

“They swept through the cars like a triage situation, I guess, and got to the more serious people and worked out very well,” said a witness.

Hundreds of passengers had to be re-routed.

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“We are doing everything that we can to get as far as service recovery, trying to get their tickets refunded,” said an official.

“I almost don’t want to get on this train. That’s something to think about,” said passenger Annette Green.

Green was at the station just before she was to board her train.

“Think has changed my mind and wants to pick me up in a car. This is scary for me,” Green said.

“I take my chances,” said Howard Creskoff, who was on his way to New York. “I have confidence in the system. I fly and I take the train.”

Witnesses say the 18-wheeler was on the tracks for anywhere from 5-20 minutes. State transportation officials say if they had called the railroad emergency number, the train could have stopped in time.

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This is the third serious train crash in the past two months.