ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — A longer summer for children. The State House is considering pushing back the start of the school year until after Labor Day.

Political reporter Pat Warren reports on the effort to change the first day of school.

The blackboard or the boardwalk?

“I would like it. I think it gives us some extra time,” said Michelle Martin.

Parents have made up their minds.

“Before, Labor Day was the cutoff. That was the end of summer and everybody got ready for school,” Frank Hall said.

“I’d like it better if it was after Labor Day,” Martin said.

Reporter: “How do you like school?”

Student: “It’s good.”

Reporter: “How do you like summer?”

Student: “I love it.”

Reporter: “Which do you like better?”

Student: “Summer.”

It’s not only that reasoning that has Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot pushing the after Labor Day school bill in Annapolis–do the math. He says there’s $74 million of vacation spending to consider.

“We can do something good and make people happy. All the time, we’re telling people to eat broccoli and spinach, we’re going to do this or do that. How about doing something really fun?” said Franchot.

But school administrators say they should control the calendar–not the state.

“It should be a matter where the school system sets the calendar. There clearly are not only calendar implications, there are testing and instructional implications,” said Bob Mosier, Anne Arundel County Public Schools.

And while school systems want to maintain their authority, you can’t beat the idea for popularity.

The Senate heard from all of the above at a hearing Wednesday.


Pat Warren will have more on this story at 5 and 6 p.m.


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