BALTIMORE (WJZ)– More than 50 days in office, Maryland’s Governor Larry Hogan sits down with WJZ’s Pat Warren to talk about what he’s doing going forward and some of his personal favorites growing up.

Favorite Music:

LH: “I have a pretty eclectic music taste, most recently I’ve been a today’s country guy. But I used to like kind of classic rock, Motown…I was even a big reggae fan. I’m a Bob Marley fan which surprises a lot of people.”

Favorite Band

PW: “What’s your favorite country song?”

LH: “I don’t know about a song, but I’ll tell ya the Zac Brown Band is my favorite and I like most of all their songs.”

PW: Do you know the lyrics to any of them?

LH: “Yea, well I probably don’t sing them very well.”


LH: “I have no musical talent whatsoever.”

PW: “Do you play any instruments?

LH: “No, I guess when I was a little kid I tried to play something, but I’m not very good.”


LH: “I love basketball; it’s probably one of my favorite sports. I love college football and college basketball the most. I follow the pros, more NFL, sometimes NBA when you get down to the finals. But, Final Four college basketball, and when you get to bowl season and college football that’s what I’m all about.”

PW: “What did you play growing up?

LH: “I played a little bit of everything… I grew up playing baseball, football and basketball.”

Favorite Color

LH: “Ya know color is tough… I would say purple.”

Favorite Movie

LH:A Few Good Men is my favorite movie–great acting. Jack Nicholson was just terrific in the movie and he and Tom Cruise. That’s probably the best one I can remember.”

PW: “No chick flicks?”

LH: “I have to watch a lot of chick flicks with my wife; the first lady is into chick flicks… I’m more of an action kind of guy.”


PW: “Do you miss driving your car?”

LH: “It’s really strange not driving, we don’t travel that much…we’re really kind of homebodies.”


LH: “I like to kayak, once in a while get out in the water. We like to get outside, playing with our granddaughter and spending time with family.”

Favorite Artist

LH: “Well, you know my wife is an artist and she’s incredible. I don’t have any artistic ability, but I know how to find a good artist when I see one.


PW: “I’m hearing the only thing you’re really good at is winning elections?”

LH: “Well, I’ve only done that once.”

LH: “Couple things I’m good at… one I’m a pretty good judge of character and I’m pretty proud of the team we’ve assemble here in state government. And, I’ve been a negotiator for 30 years, which is why I’m hoping we can find some ways to find some common ground. It’s not my way or the highway. My career has been how we get this person and this person to agree and meet in the middle.

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