Detroit Lions All-Pro Wide Receiver Calvin Johnson joined the Scott Garceau Show with Jeremy Conn live from the Ed Block Courage Awards as he prepares to accept his award on Monday night.

Calvin has been in Baltimore over the weekend and spent some time with the youth of Baltimore, he talked about his experience. “We had a great time, whether it’s influencing the kids, playing with them and going back to our roots and acting like we are kids. We enjoyed our time with them and just sharing our time if they had questions and just trying to do our to help raise the kids up in our community.”



The Ed Block Courage Awards are a star studded event with a lot of big names from the NFL appearing.

Johnson compared it to the Pro-Bowl in regards to meeting their peers. “It’s fun to be able to spend time with these guys, like you said it’s almost like a Pro-Bowl like event where you get to spend time with your peers throughout the league, one from each team. Guys you hear about every day and it’s fun to be around the guys and see them reach out to the kids like we’ve been doing this week and having an impact.”

The NFL is a business and even the most beloved players have to leave their team, Calvin talked about what it means to lose guys in the locker room. “I’ve seen guys my whole career, guys that I have established a great relationship with going to other teams, guys that you might think would be there with you for your whole time there and then all of the sudden something happens. A trade happens then boom they’re gone. You can communicate with your guys but it’s tough, it’s different when you lose a lot of those pieces especially the ones that have been there with you since day one.”



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