BALTIMORE COUNTY, Md. (WJZ) — The start of spring may be just days away, but the scourge of our brutal winter is proving to be a problem for schools across the region.

The students may have to make up some of that lost time.

Amy Yensi explains spring break may be cut short.

The sheer mention of a winter storm makes some kids giddy with excitement, but fun in the snow can come at a price. Now area schools are cashing in.

“They love it until it’s time to make it up,” said Stephen Guthrie, Carroll County superintendent.

Guthrie explains why racking up snow days may keep students in the classroom beyond the planned school year.

“There is a 180 school day requirement, and there is an hour requirement,” he said.

The statewide requirement is causing schools across county lines to make up for days wiped out by the weather by trimming spring break and tacking days on to the school calendar.

School officials in Carroll County have come with a compromise to make up for their snow days.

In Baltimore County, the school board plans to vote Tuesday to add a half day, but that still doesn’t meet the state requirement.

Those high school students are 19 hours short, which is obviously more than a half day.

Reporter: “Do you think that students should have to make up snow days?”

Parent: “I do. I think it’s important for them to make sure that they meet all the requirements for the curriculum.”

“It’s important. She’s only got another year to go,” said another parent.

If it’s approved, the extra half day for Baltimore County high schoolers is April 2.

In the past, school districts have asked for waivers from the state. No word if they’ll do that this year.


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