While yesterday was a rather windy and chilly day, it was also much drier than Saturday. And, while we’re anticipating a much more tranquil day today with lots of sunshine, a milder afternoon and much less wind, there are some ‘changes afoot’ in store for us during these last few days of the ‘official’ winter season. It should come as no big surprise that one of the changes will involve a shot of much chillier air, which will be arriving during the day tomorrow, St. Patrick’s Day. The leading edge of the colder air will probably trigger a few widely-separated showers late tonight and tomorrow morning — but the ‘bigger impacts’ felt around here will include a gusty wind, and temperatures should gradually FALL during the daytime in most places tomorrow.

All of the temperature guidance is showing Baltimore between 60 and 65 degrees this afternoon. And, because the approaching cold front isn’t due to arrive until between 8 and 11 a.m. tomorrow (in a zone between New York and northern Maryland) temperatures tonight will probably be no lower than the mid or upper 40s in most places — just imagine if this scenario was even remotely possible about three weeks ago!!

Areas north of the Mason-Dixon Line will probably experience a ‘modest temperature recovery’ early tomorrow, and the mercury should rise by an average of 3-5 degrees during the morning rush before starting to fall during the midday hours. Therefore, cities located in southeastern New York, northern New Jersey and northeastern/east-central Pennsylvania should be no higher than the 40s by lunchtime. That cooling is probably going to be ‘delayed’ by a few hours in Philadelphia, Baltimore and in the Greater Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area — so its conceivable that these cities will still climb well into the 60s again before starting to trend lower late in the day tomorrow.

Spring officially begins (especially in the eyes of an astronomer) at 6:45 p.m. on Friday (the 20th).


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