Gary Williams is the former Head Coach of the Maryland Terrapins men’s basketball program who is also a Hall-of-Famer.

Gary joined Bob and Ken to talk about the Terps and the NCAA Tournament.

Gary started off by talking about Maryland’s seeding and if it’s too low saying “I was surprised just like all the fans, I thought they played well enough to get a 3 seed…the toughest thing is to be in Kentucky’s region.” When asked if he ever had a situation while coaching where he thought his team was seeded to low in a tournament Gary said “I don’t remember a time when I thought we were lower than we should have been…if you’re worried about that you’re just wasting time you could use to prepare for the team you have to play.” Gary also talked about how the Terps shouldn’t be worried about Kentucky yet because they still need to beat two teams to get a chance to face the Wildcats.


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