FALLSTON, MD. (WJZ) — A major break in a hit-and-run case that’s generated hundreds of tips–a Fallston father killed while pushing a snow blower and left to die. Police say they found the Jeep that hit him.

Meghan McCorkell explains that could lead to charges in the case.

Investigators aren’t saying where they found that Jeep, but say a tip from the public led them to it.

On a snowy night nearly two weeks ago, Chris Widomski was walking along a stretch of Harford Road, pushing the snow blower he borrowed from his neighbor, when he was run down by a car and left to die.

Witnesses say the driver got out, pulled the snow blower from under their vehicle and kept going.

Since then, police have been sorting through hundreds of leads to find the suspect’s vehicle–a Jeep Cherokee with a lift kit.

Now, there’s a break in the case.

“With the help of citizens, investigators have been able to locate this vehicle. They are processing it at this point in time.

Family friends tell WJZ they are relieved the Jeep has finally been found.

“There was a lot of us figuring it was going to be six months to a year before they ever found it because we figured the Jeep was in a garage or in a chop shop,” said neighbor Bob Tombaugh.

The Jeep took the life of a loving father of two. A memorial video for Chris Widomski shows his passion for coaching his kids’ sports teams and his love for the Orioles and Ravens.

The team flags remain outside his home, where some speculate what might have happened if the driver had just gotten help.

“There’s a small chance that if he had stopped right away and offered assistance, it might not have been as tragic,” said Tombaugh.

A chance that may have saved a father’s life.

Charges have not yet been filed against the driver of the Jeep.

A GoFundMe page raising money for Widomski’s two sons has already received more than $25,000.


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