BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A 19-year-old Morgan State student faces multiple charges in the stabbing that spilled over from a campus dance. The university president speaks exclusively with WJZ about the big safety changes he’s making.

Christie Ileto has more on the arrest in the case.

Carlos Mars is facing assault and weapons charges. One of his friends spoke to WJZ anonymously, saying this type of behavior is absolutely out of character for him.

Dispatch: “Do we believe the suspect is a Morgan student?”

Dispatchers are talking about 19-year-old Carlos Mars, who confessed to police he pulled a knife on three classmates–all football players.

Dispatch: “We’re actually going to have three victims. One critical, two minor. The suspect and the victims are all Morgan State and it stemmed from a beef that occurred on the school campus.”

Charging documents say Mars used the knife to keep students at bay while his friend fought another student.

Mars says when the victim was knocked to the ground multiple students began fist fighting him and his friend. That’s when he swung his knife around wildly, striking the victims repeatedly.

The fight apparently spilled over from a campus dance party over the weekend. Mars’ friend spoke to WJZ anonymously, saying he’d been bullied.

His Twitter message saying: “There was an altercation and he was the only one to get arrested. People were picking on him, but they didn’t get in trouble.”

“The incident yesterday was out of character for the university,” said Morgan State University President David Wilson.

The university’s president exclusively tells WJZ they’re adding ten campus police officers by 2016 and are increasing foot patrols around dorms.

“It’s definitely a lot more changes. More cop cars, more police officers. Everybody is just around more,” one student said.

Changes to help curb the violence that’s dominated the campus over the last week.

Morgan State says a zero tolerance policy for fighting is now in effect and violators will be suspended.


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