BALTIMORE (WJZ)–It’s the day that students work so hard for, it’s called Match Day–and medical students throughout the country find out where they will do their residency and become doctors.

Jessica Kartalija has the details.

A packed house at Johns Hopkins where anticipation is building for Becky McKibben and Alessa Colaianni.

Kartalija: “What do you think is in that envelope?

“I know what I hope is in the envelope,” said Becky McKibben.

At noon on Friday, students at Johns Hopkins learn where they will become doctors. Finally, the moment of truth prior to match day, students rank their top choices for residency.

“I am going to Harvard and it means all these years of hard work, its finally coming to fruition,” said Sam Khalifian.

A good number of these students who went to school here at Hopkins want to stay right here at Hopkins!

For Alessa and Becky, its dream come true.

“I think it’s incredible. Her grandfather would have been 100 years old today and I’m sure he’s watching this,” said one parent.

“It was my number one choice, I am so excited and I can’t wait to find out who my co-interns are,” said Alessa Colaianni.

Kartalija: “Mom, how excited are you for her?”

“Beyond excitement, she wanted this so much and she is so happy here,” said Carol McKibben

A computer algorithm matches the students with their residency program. Most students at Hopkins end up with their first or second choice.


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