TEMPLE HILLS, Md. (WJZ) — The investigation into a hit-and-run that killed one person and injured a Prince George’s County police officer continues. It all started with the officer trying to make a routine traffic stop.

Gigi Barnett explains what happened next.

Rescue workers and police officers rushed to the 3100 block of Branch Avenue near the Naylor Road Metro stop in Prince George’s County.

An SUV driver had just barreled through traffic, hitting three other vehicles before coming to a stop.

“People were screaming and crying. It was a lady with a stroller. It was a lot of people,” said one witness.

Minutes later and blocks away, that same driver was spotted fleeing from a Prince George’s County cop after the officer tried to make a traffic stop. When the driver took off, he grazed the officer.

A car chase ensued, ending at the Metro stop when the wanted driver lost control and slammed into three other vehicles, killing one person.

That’s when the car chase turned into a foot pursuit.

“The police came and they went all towards the Metro and they didn’t know what was going on. But the ambulance, they didn’t come yet. But all the police went towards there,” one witness said.

Witnesses at a seafood restaurant nearby say it all unfolded in the blink of an eye.

“It was crazy. We had just left out of the seafood place. It could have been us,” one man said.

Altogether, three people were injured in the crash. Investigators say the police officer and two other people have non-life threatening injuries.

Charges are on the way for the driver. Police have not yet said which charges he might face.


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