I am not particularly upset by the Terps loss to West Virginia. Not because I didn’t want them to win. I wanted them and picked them to win. I’m not that upset because they completely exceeded my expectations.

After turning over the roster, largely due to players transferring out, I thought this would be a rough first year in the Big Ten. Instead, they finally delivered on expectations when Mark Turgeon was hired. He can recruit and he can coach.

Melo Trimble is going to be a great college player; he’s already really, really good. The other freshmen that were brought in look like an upgrade over previous recruiting classes. Plus, they have some newcomers that will come in and help. The Terps should be really good next year.

It would have been nice if they beat WVU, and it was disappointing how much they turned the ball over but, let’s be real. They wouldn’t have stood much of a chance against Kentucky. A Sweet 16 would have been a great achievement, no doubt about it. That said, considering where they were about 11 months ago, with massive defections and a coach on the hot seat, this season was a great achievement.