BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Snow day meltdown. This winter caused a slew of closings and delays at schools across the state. Now it’s time to make up those days.

As Gigi Barnett reports, some school leaders have a plan in place.

The snow days are all spent. Doled out by school leaders faced with wicked winter weather and parents needing to keep students active when classes are out.

Reporter: “How many snow days have they had so far?”

Parent: “Oh, way too many.”

Too many indeed. Some school districts used more than they banked. Like Carroll County schools, which set aside four snow days, but used ten altogether. They’ve got to make up six.

Anne Arundel County built in five, but used six. A one day make-up day for students there.

Now that the fun is over, the state says it’s time to figure out how to fit in all 180 days.

“Reducing spring break, or adding a day to the end of the year, or maybe looking at using a teacher professional development day for instruction,” said Bill Reinhard, Maryland school spokesman.

Reinhard says the state superintendent has the go-ahead to waive up to three days of make-up days. But the waiver is not a “get out of jail free” card.

Finding the most ways to make up is the goal. The board has already allowed some school systems to go back to class on the Monday after Easter–normally a state holiday.

While it might cut into vacation time, some parents are on board.

“Interestingly, we’ve gotten a lot of calls from parents who say, ‘Don’t waive any days,'” said Reinhard. “So, we’re trying to strike a balance here. They want to make sure their kids are getting the instruction they’re entitled to.”

Some school districts–like Baltimore City which broke even–are not going to have to ask for a waiver this year.

So far, about 11 school districts out of Maryland’s 24 have asked for a waiver of some sort.

The state says it is expecting a few more to trickle in within the next week.

State school leaders do not have a deadline to approve waiver requests.


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