HI Everyone,

OK, so it’s not like I am name dropping but it tells the story of this AM.

I email with Terry Virts occasionally. For a couple of years, mostly during Orioles and Ravens playoffs both he, and Reid Wiseman , (and occasionally joined in by another Maryland astro Ricky Arnold), would send me pictures of themselves in O’s or Ravens gear from Star City in Russia where both trained for their stints on the International Space Station. (Ricky Arnold once sent a shot of him on the ISS wearing University of Maryland gear floating in front of an ISS window with a solar array behind him to trump them both.) It’s all good fun and many of those pictures have made the air.

Because of this casual relationship both Terry, and Reid,  had me put on their mission(s)  email list so we could “chat” during their time on orbit.. I am very aware they have more to do than email, and I judiciously use this privilege. (For example in the couple of weeks leading up to , and then a week or so after Terry Virts 3 space walks,  I did not even consider dropping him a note.) ,

Fast forward the tape. Over the past day Terry and I have been e mailing back and forth. He was telling me that the ice, as he passed over the Mid-Atlantic,  was pretty impressive. (A lot, but not all, of our notes involve weather..him passing over storms etc.. By the way you should follow him on Twitter as he posts GREAT views of the earth, and some of those storms. @Astro-Terry) I mentioned to him that he had missed NOTHING by missing this Winter. I noted that it was a pattern of one good day, four lousy. Two good days, five lousy..and such and so  on. I closed with “Looks over now but just re living this is making me ill”  I hit send and go back to work.

Twenty minutes later yet another freezing rain advisory is issued. This junk won’t give up. Hey Terry can you hear me screaming up there?

This advisory might mean, early on, legit  biz for a few folks. And indeed it will be gone soon and we will be “swinging and sweating” by tomorrow. But can we just get a break here? When it finally heats up do not be the first person ,within arm’s reach, to complain to me about the heat 🙂



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