WASHINGTON (WJZ) — Months after a fatal smoke incident on the Washington, D.C. Metro, the agency releases safety videos to show riders what to do in case January’s incident happens again.

But Christie Ileto explains, some Maryland passengers who ride the rails think this is just a Band-Aid for a bigger problem.

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For passengers on the Maryland side of the Metro, safety is always a concern–one some believe can’t be guaranteed by these new videos.

A clear message with detailed instructions. Two short videos spell out Metro’s push to increase safety, following a fatal smoke incident in January.

It was one of the Metro’s darkest moments–a train stuck in a tunnel at L’Enfant Plaza quickly filling with smoke.

Danine Baker from Maryland spoke exclusively to WJZ.

“One passenger tried to open a door because he wanted to get out. Soon as you open a door, more smoke came in,” said Baker.

“Hopefully, that customers would have stayed on the train and waited for the first responders. But again, we want to make sure that they know all the alternatives,” said Jack Requa, interim general manager, WMATA.

“I think it’s good that they put the video out. It’s really informative,” said Brandon Comedy.

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Marylander Brandon Comedy is a Metro regular.

Ileto: “Any type of mechanical issues that you’ve had to endure on the Metro?”

Comedy: “Oh, all the time. A train broke down, a train started smoking.”

The video explains things like how and when to evacuate to how to use the intercom. But for the thousands of Marylanders who ride Metro every single day, is the video really enough?

“Basically, they need to make it safer and then they wouldn’t have to worry about telling people about it,” one Metro rider said.

Some Marylanders are skeptical.

“I mean, everybody can just put up a video. But at least if they can show visually that they’re actually doing something, then it will work better,” said Timmy Adelekan.

The videos will begin airing next week.

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Metro says they’re continuing to improve safety for passengers on board.