KANSAS CITY, Mo. (WJZ) — What starts as a pro soccer scuffle leads to criminal charges. Baltimore Blast star Pat Healey was headbutted by a Missouri Comets player after a playoff game. Now that player could face jail time.

Christie Ileto shows us the bad blood that played out after the final whistle.

Ironically, Missouri police said Andre Braithewaite called his actions “boneheaded.” The video and the injuries speak for themselves.

Caught on camera, Missouri Comets player Andre Braithewaite intentionally headbutts Baltimore Blast team captain Pat Healey immediately following a March 15 playoff game.

An arrest warrant reveals after the game Braithewaite approached Healey as if he were going to shake hands. Instead, he grabbed his head and forcefully headbutted him, injuring Healey above his right eye.

“I got up and everybody was like, ‘You alright? You alright?’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah, I’m fine,'” said Healey.

The Comets released Braithewaite from the team later that same day.

The Baltimore Blast posted on their Facebook page:

“Thank you to the countless number of fans that have texted, emailed and messaged about Pat Healey and asking for an update after the viscous assault from the Comets player after the game. He is fine. He received stitches and will begin preparing tomorrow for Monterrey in the finals Friday.”

“It was almost like I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” said Baltimore Blast owner Ed Hale.

Hale believes cheap shots against his players in the final minutes of the game set the stage for the headbutt that now has Braithewaite facing third-degree assault.

Ileto: “Do you think those charges against him are enough?”

Hale: “The mere fact that he’s going to be arrested is something. Something has to be done. You can’t do this.”

Braithewaite has yet to comment publicly about the incident that’s now gone viral, but he did initially admit to police his behavior was “boneheaded.”

Third-degree assault can carry up to one year behind bars.

The Missouri Comets say since the player has been released from the club–and beyond that–they don’t have a comment about the incident.


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