BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Former Governor Martin O’Malley is apparently putting distance between himself and Hillary Clinton for a potential presidential run.

Pat Warren reports on O’Malley’s statements to a national audience Sunday.

If he’s seriously considering a run for president, Martin O’Malley has to show how he’s different from the rest of the pack—and right now, Clinton is the leader of the Democratic pack.

She was Governor O’Malley’s 2008 presidential choice—but not today.

“I think our country always benefits from new leadership and new perspectives,” he said.

UMBC School of Public Policy Director Don Norris says O’Malley is talking about a shift in policy.

“There’s an increasing number of voices in the Democratic party saying we need an alternative to Hillary Clinton,” he said.

In a new poll, 81% of Democrats would consider voting for Democrats and 51% of registered Republicans would consider voting for Jeb Bush.

“Whether he is capable of beating her or not is an open question but nobody thought Barack Obama would beat Hillary Clinton,” Norris said.

O’Malley says he’ll announce his decision this spring.

O’Malley has made a number of trips to states that will nominate early. He’ll be back in New Hampshire Tuesday.

Former Republican Governor Bob Ehrlich is also considering a bid for his party’s nomination.


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