BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A new ad campaign hopes to stop you in your tracks before reaching for a cigarette.

Amy Yensi has reaction from former smokers.

The campaign is called Tips From Former Smokers and the main tip seems to be that smoking will catch up to you one day.

“An ad like this makes me want to stop,” said Phillip Williams.

Williams tosses his cigarette, a reaction the Centers for Disease Control is hoping to inspire with its new campaign ads. The graphic ads show the harsh realities of several former smokers.

“She had her insides removed. She had to use a bag and empty it out six times a day. That’s scary,” an ad said.

Dr. Albert J. Polito says the scared straight approach of the ads could get reluctant smokers to kick the habit and prevent young smokers from getting hooked at an early age.

“I think it’s very easy to get the blinders on when people think about smoking,” he said. “They think, well, I’m young and tomorrow is another day. I’ll quit on a later date.”

For some, that date never comes. Smoking has killed 20 million Americans since 1964.

The ads will run on TV, radio, online and print, as well as in theaters.

Since it started in 2012, the CDC credits the National Tobacco Education Campaign for helping millions of smokers to quit. The CDC reports that in 2014, when the ads were on the air, about 80% more people called he National Quitline.

Some stories highlight the benefits of quitting and the ads run for the next 20 weeks.

For tips on how you can quit smoking, call the National Quitline at 1-800-QUIT-NOW for free help.


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