ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — Hillary Clinton may the first Democrat to officially announce she is running for the White House in 2016, but Maryland’s former governor Martin O’Malley has been shaking hands in early voting states, such as Iowa, for months now. O’Malley appeared on Face the Nation Sunday and says more Democratic candidates should challenge Hillary Clinton.

Outside of Maryland, O’Malley is no way near as recognizable to voters as Clinton. Now he’s got to decide if he’ll run against the friend he endorsed for president in 2008.

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For months, he’s been singing and speaking in early voting states like Iowa and New Hampshire. Though Governor O’Malley has not formally said he’s a candidate, he is sounding like one.

His website is already soliciting contributions, and he’s raising his profile in the national media.

“The presidency of the United States is not some crown to be passed between two families,” O’Malley said.

But Hillary Clinton’s popularity among Democrats is already far eclipsing any potential Democratic rivals.

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“There’s no way any of them can hope to catch up,” said Hopkins political professor Matthew Crenson.

Crenson says O’Malley could benefit from Democratic primary voters who want a choice.

“There are people in the Democratic party who don’t care that much for Hillary. They’re looking around for somebody else. He could be the receptacle into which they pour their support,” he said.

On Saturday Night Live, a Hillary Clinton spoof even mocked O’Malley’s chances for laughs.

A spokesman says: “…He will make his decision regardless of what other people decide to do… The Democratic party will benefit from a robust issues debate, and–should Governor O’Malley decide to enter the race–he will bring one.”

O’Malley continues his unofficial campaigning. He spoke at Harvard’s institute on politics in a talk called “Building an Economy That Works for Everyone.”

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O’Malley has said an announcement on his possible candidacy would come before the end of May.