The 2016 presidential election is right around the corner, encouraging politicians like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul to announce their ambitions for the United States presidency. Over the next few months there are guaranteed to be more names tossed into the mix as hopefuls vie for the presidential seat and the position that could arguably make them the most well-known name on the planet.

But what if someone who was already well-known ran instead; someone like a celebrity?

Someone like Kerry Washington.

Kerry Washington is an avid President Obama supporter, a political “fixer” on the television series “Scandal,” and has spoken out about human rights on more than just a handful of occasions.

So, what if Kerry Washington became president of the U.S.?


Democratic Party Affiliations

Washington has strong ties to the Democratic Party. President Barack Obama considers the actress a friend and has gone on record to comment on how “cute” her baby is, alluding to the First Family’s personal connection with the actress.

Aside from her friendship with the Obamas, Washington was also chosen to speak at the Democratic National Convention in 2012 in an effort to garner more votes and support for the re-election of President Obama to a second term. In her speech there, Washington spoke on voting rights for all, equal pay, access to health care and affordable, quality education, with each being a topic of interest to most Democrats.

In addition to all of this, Washington was also featured in a ad that ripped Mitt Romney during his 2012 presidential run (see below). It’s clear that Washington is adamantly against Republicans, making her Democrat ties even stronger.

If Washington were president: She could have a rolodex of Democrats she could call on for advising or fundraising. With this, her own support for the Democratic Party could possibly be reciprocated.



Fix It

Washington plays a fixer on the hit television show “Scandal,” a drama based on former President George H. W. Bush’s press aide and crisis manager Judy Smith. On the show, Washington can be seen untangling the mess that politicians and government-related officials find themselves in or serving her own form of justice against those who stand in the way of basic civil liberties. In addition,  Smith, President Bush’s former aide, works very closely with the show as a producer and technical advisor, so while Washington’s role may be purely fictitious, it’s hard to say that some of her Judy Smith character’s behaviors and ideologies haven’t rubbed off on her.

If Washington were president: She may come in knowing how to handle a few crises and if not, she would always have a friend in Smith. Avoiding bad press and spinning bad news into good news could  even be the strategy by which Washington attains office. Once there, scandals and controversies would be silenced before they blew up, and the drama from the show wouldn’t last a day.



Human Rights and Beyond

As mentioned, Washington is a huge advocate for minorities, including women, people of color and the LGBT community. She’s spoken numerous times about the treatment of minorities in the U.S. as well as the human rights that everyone deserves regardless of age, color, sexuality, or gender.

If Washington were president: There’s a very good chance she’d continue advocating for more rights for minorities. It’d be safe to say that the actress would push forward any legislation regarding more rights for the LGBT community, including approving gay marriage nationwide and working to put an end to the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.



State and Church

After a quick Internet search, one could come to the conclusion that Washington’s religious background is non-existent. In fact, there are very few details about Washington’s religious affiliations, and out of all of the quotes that she’s given, it’s difficult to find even one in which she mentions religion or her religious views.

If Washington were president: Her lack of religious beliefs could make her an easy target for those who hold strong Christian beliefs. With the majority of the U.S. being made up of Christians, Washington may have to choose to divulge her religious beliefs or face the wrath of a Christian-based society.


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