Joy Becker is a licensed practical nurse who is director of nurse recruitment and caregiver training for Let Mommy Sleep, a newborn care program available in Baltimore, DC, and Northern Virginia where LPN’s and Registered Nurses provide care and evidence-based education for infants in the stressful period immediately following birth.

(Photo Courtesy of Joy Becker)

(Photo Courtesy of Joy Becker)

Becker graduated from the Danville School of Nursing with a licensed practical nurse certification in 1998 and has a SIDS Education Certification 2010, Leron Breastfeeding Certification 2011, and an Infant and Child CPR/First Aid for Healthcare Providers which is current.

What inspired you to enter your current specialized field of newborn care?

“I have always been a caregiver. I owned my own daycare for 10 years, I have done elder care, and I’m a mother of 4! I use my nursing experience almost every day. Working with newborns and building a team of excellent newborn caregivers is a job I never knew existed, but once I saw the ad, I knew I had to learn more. I’m inspired every day by the wonderful parents we serve to maintain the team of compassionate nurses & caregivers they deserve.”

How does your educational background relate to your current role?

“My education and clinical training allow me to not only assess nurses’ skills, but to ensure they have the combination of compassion and professionalism that is so specific to helping families with newborns.”

How has your education helped to further your career and contributed to your success?

“The nursing program where I gained my education was stringent. The focus and perseverance I learned not only built my resume but also built my confidence. Also, the additional classes I took, such as my SIDS education certification, are some of the most valuable parts of my education. Taken together, my education has allowed me to be a confident and versatile caregiver and to look for these qualities and skills in my recruiting efforts.”

What is some advice you can offer others looking to go into some aspect of health care?

“Health care is continually growing and evolving, and the patient population is becoming more diverse. Continuing education, through the many resources available, is a nurse’s most powerful tool to help others and herself.”

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