Nick from Towson called in on Monday afternoon to tell Scott and Jeremy a story about meeting New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick. Nick managed to attend the White House Correspondents dinner where Coach Belichick was in attendance and after some talking managed to get Bill to crack a smile for a picture. After Nick finished his tale, Scott and Jeremy took a trip down memory lane to talk about some their favorite stories about meeting athletes.

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Jeremy isn’t a big on asking for autographs or pictures, saying he would much rather have a conversation with someone. But he did talk about the last autograph he got. “We get athletes in here and every now and again we’ll get a picture taken for our purposes to put it up on the website and document it…  The last autograph I got was Jake LaMotta. Somebody got me the autograph though and he signed a boxing glove for me.”

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Scott isn’t huge on asking for autgraphs either seeing that athletes have enough to deal with. “I think the closer you get to the business and see all the demands, autographs and pictures, you pull back a little bit.” It has been quite some time since Scott asked for an autograph but he did talk about getting the signature of a legendary boxer. “My last one was 1976, when Muhammad Ali signed a picture for me. I did 2 days in the life of Ali that turned into a week long series and at the very end he goes ‘I’m not supposed to do this’.”

What is your favorite story about meeting an athlete or a celebrity?

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