Mark Levy is the owner of Sports Mart a shop that was looted on Exeter Street.

Mark joined Ed and Steve to talk about his business being looted and what the future holds for his store.

Mark started off by talking about the damage done to his store saying “it’s terrible a lot of people lost a lot of jobs…the owners we’ll be okay but the people who depend on these weekly salaries it’s a terrible thing.” As for what happens now and if the store will recover and if he would tell others to open a business in Baltimore Mark said “well let me just say I’ve been down there 36 years and the people of East Baltimore and Baltimore City have been wonderful and supportive…we hope we bounce back but it’s not just cleaning up the mess we have no merchandise we are completely cleaned out.” Mark went on to talk about despite what happened yesterday he loves it in Baltimore and is heartbroken that a few people who saw an opportunity to steal took it.