BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Multiple police agencies and the National Guard are stationed around Baltimore to help keep order and enforce the city-wide curfew.

Rick Ritter has more.

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The governor called Tuesday’s first night of city-wide curfew a success. Wednesday night, things were very calm.

More than 2,000 troops from the National Guard remain scattered across city streets. Their work is far from finished.

Armed guards posted on sidewalks and Humvees racing through streets. A city known as a tourist destination—now under lockdown.

“Our primary mission is to maintain order and to begin to repair damage inflicted by the violence and looting from earlier in the week,” Governor Larry Hogan said.

From one side of Baltimore to the other, the presence of law enforcement remains intense. A top priority—enforcing the city-wide curfew.

“Very little violence, very little issues. Twenty-four hours makes a heck of a difference,” the governor said.

On Tuesday night, few pressed their luck with those in tactical gear. But still, police were forced to fire smoke bombs, arresting 35 people.

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“It’s not going to be solved overnight. We have absolutely a lot more work we need to do,” said General Linda Singh, Maryland National Guard.

Commissioner Anthony Batts showing what some of his officers are up against.

“One of my officers brought this into me when our guys are out there. Could you imagine getting hit in the face with one of these things?” he said.

Of the 209 people arrested during Monday’s riots, only half were formally charged.

Two days later, the other half were released without charges.

“We’re not giving up on them, we’re just going to follow up. I think that the system right now is trying to catch up,” the commissioner said.

After Monday’s destruction, officials say a few safe days isn’t good enough.

“I just hope we remember that trying to change culture, trying to change habits does not happen overnight,” said General Singh.

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The commissioner says 18 people were arrested Wednesday. No officers were injured.

Rick Ritter