The fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao has been highly anticipated in boxing circles for the past five years now.  Now that the fight is actually going to happen on Saturday May 2nd, Manny Pacquiao sat down with CBS Local Sports to discuss how the fight came to be.  “We were supposed to fly back to the Phillipines but our flight was cancelled” said Pacquiao. “We were bored with nothing to do at the hotel so we decided to go to a basketball game and we saw Mayweather there.”

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Both boxers had been asked numerous times over the years about when the fight would happen between the two of them. A sense of relief is now felt in both camps following the fight coming to fruition. “When the fight was announced, I felt kind of relief” said Pacquiao. Manny also discusses his plan for after boxing in this edition of Player Style Files.