BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The demonstrations taking over the city have been peaceful these past few days.

Tracey Leong has more.

Hundreds are covering the front lawn, representing different faith groups and generations but sharing a common message: calling for justice and peace.

Voicing solidarity, different faith groups gather on the City Hall lawn, leading a peaceful demonstration with a loud and clear message. The crowd echoes the sentiment, ranging from young children to adults.

“This is how we keep our kids off the street. This is how we keep our kids involved in something positive,” said Desmond Taylor, Baltimore Unity Band.

Local youth marching bands demonstrated their commitment to Charm City.

“They’re not looters; they’re not rioters. They’re not thugs. They are kids. They are kids that just want a way out,” Taylor said.

“We have two kids and obviously they’re black. We wanted them to be a part of this even though they’re young but they’ll be able to look back and know there was a time they could stand up for their rights,” said Stacy Pipkin.

“We all come from different places; we have to learn to come together as one,” said 13-year-old Jordan Daniels.

Daniels says it’s important for the youth to come together to ensure a brighter future for his generation.

“To help support all lives—not just black lives but all lives,” Daniels.

While all eyes and ears are on the Freddie Gray investigation, organizers also want to make sure real change is put in place as well.

“We need to give conversations with what’s to happen next for our young people so they can make the right help, the right choices and healthier choices,” said Pastor Joan Wharton.

Most of those demonstrations have left City Hall. Leaders say they will continue organizing protests like the one we saw earlier, making sure their message is not lost and violence doesn’t distract from their efforts.


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