BALTIMORE (WJZ) — One week after riots and violence rocked the city, Baltimore looks toward the future.

Mike Hellgren has new information on the Freddie Gray case.

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The next step is indictments, but it’s unclear at this point if any of the officers will see a Baltimore City jury.

A memorial to Freddie Gray now marks the spot where police arrested him.

It was the start of a case that threw Baltimore into turmoil, and led to felony charges against the six officers involved.

In a new interview, Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby defended her reputation against those who say she rushed to judgment and politicized the case.

“There is no conflict of interest. I mean, I’m going to prosecute. I’m the Baltimore City state’s attorney,” Mosby said. “My jurisdiction covers every district in Baltimore City. There’s a number of crimes that take place in Baltimore City and unfortunately in the district that we live. Where is the conflict?”

“She politicizes things. She went down that political rabbit hole that she should not have. She’s emotionally attached. She’s received campaign contributions from the attorney representing Mr. Gray’s family. There’s a conflict of interest here,” said Sheriff David Clarke, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin.

A fellow officer with his identity concealed spoke about the impact of the officers’ charges on the rank and file.

“If you want them to be proactive in patrolling, trying to catch people, I can see them not being interested in doing that,” the officer said. “The biggest thing I can see that wasn’t done that should have been done is the buckling in.”

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The state’s attorney claims officers ignored Gray’s cries for help.

Rough rides in police transport vans have been the subject of claims before.

Dondi Johnson Sr.’s family won more than $7 million. He became a paraplegic and later died after a transport incident ten years ago.

“I know to grab the seat belt. I know to hold on,” said Reginald Ross.

Right now, it’s unclear whether the officers now accused will ever face trial in Baltimore.

“It’s an uphill battle, and I think judges are going to be reluctant to move this trial. I think the defendants will ask. I think they will have a hard time convincing the judge to move this case out of Baltimore City,” said legal analyst Andy Levy.

Levy tells WJZ the depraved heart murder charge against van driver officer Caesar Goodson will be the toughest to prove. Prosecutors will have to show evidence he intended to kill Gray.

“I think you will see claims from some of the officers that they were really just following orders, that it was not their responsibility to make decisions at various times,” said Levy.

Levy also points out another side effect: the prosecution could jeopardize other cases that these officers have been involved in.

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Monday morning, a judge ruled that Governor Larry Hogan did not violate any constitutional rights by issuing an executive order that people be held for longer than 24 hours without seeing a commissioner.