BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Now the hard work begins. That’s the message being heard from communities affected by the unrest following the death of Freddie Gray.

As Mike Schuh reports, one group of city residents say everyone needs to change, not just the police.

Though nondenominational, prayer is heard at the Samaritan Community Breakfast Club. Every Tuesday morning, these people come together. Most found it after they needed help solving a personal problem.

“It’s like a family thing where all of us get together who’ve been helped by the Samaritan community,” said Evelyn Fitzgerald.

Fitzgerald found peace after her husband died.

“Without community, we’re really nothing,” she said.

Now, by literally breaking bread, they’ve come to talk about even bigger problems: how to develop a community that excludes the idea of…

“Us and them,” said one man. “And when you get into community, there is no us and them.”

One thing is clear: no one person, group or government alone can bring change. Everyone must change.

“It took riots and messing up the city for a voice to be heard and that’s really sad,” Fitzgerald said.

The Samaritan Community meets every Tuesday at 9 in the meeting hall behind Memorial Episcopal Church.


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